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We've MOVED!

I've moved to a new and improved site! I still love using Blogger, but I've decided to update my website to my professional domain, http://brittanylandgrebe.com/

Don't worry, if you're subscribed to this blog via feedburner, I've changed the settings so you'll still get updates, and it'll link straight to the new site. Please head over to the site to follow and favorite!

Go check it out!

Finding My Energy for Words

As you likely have noted in the posts from the end of November to the last one, I've been battling a sense of hopelessness and loss in regards to my work as a writer. It's a bit embarrassing, but writers, like all creative beings, can get supremely insecure and outright scared. But we also hold out hope that we can find a way past our writer's block to the words hiding from us. Writer's block had set in on me, and looked like it was staying for the long haul, however much I wanted it to go away.

So today I dragged the writer's block out and bitch slapped it to pieces.

The Art of Writing Avoidance - Culinary Edition

On Monday I made my first ever meatloaf. On Wednesday I played with several different recipes for tomato basil soup, and today was beef stew, as per my mountain cedar allergy struck husband's wishes. When I cook, I work half from a recipe and half from feel, smell, taste, and gut - er, stomach - instincts. With every new dish I served up I tweeted about it, proud of my work.

There was much approval, some even declaring they must go make their own as well. My friend Amanda (she's been showing up a lot lately, hasn't she?) mentioned that Sylvia Plath baked when she got writer's block. I tittered, amused to find myself within the same topic as Sylvia Plath. I rarely bake more than a microwavable brownie, though I've been thinking of trying to make some fancy pastries. And then what had been said finally sunk in, and I stopped at the thought.

Am I cooking to avoid writer's block?

Major Changes Will Be Afoot

Lately I've been thinking about my stagnant and somewhat boorish author website, http://brittanylandgrebe.com/, as well as the blogs I run for myself. I need to make several changes, some small and some very big. Enter stage left - Bloggiesta!

My wonderful friend Amanda over at the Zen Leaf book review blog has mentioned this to me several times, and I finally looked it up. Lo and behold, it's what I've been looking for all this time! 3 days to dedicate myself to working on my blogs, from the layouts to the content and beyond. Bloggeista is set this year for January 8-10, a challenge to spend 18-24 of those 72 hours working on all that goes into running successful blogs.

I can't wait!

I've got big plans for this blog, and I hope you'll like what comes when I'm all done!

What's Harder Than Writing Your First Novel Ever?

Beginning to write your Second Novel Ever.

This is, I think, the most difficult lesson I'm learning in my writing journey. It's why I haven't been on Twitter much lately, or blogging as frequently. I haven't actually worked as much as I'd like on Shiny New Idea, now titled Night Run, or the plots for the rest of the Origin series. Because most of my friends are writers, I didn't want to admit I was taking an overly long break from something I should have been excited about.

After learning so much about the writing craft and my own process, I'm overwhelmed.