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The Origin Of Darkness

When young Lord Bertrand volunteered as the first Ambassador to the elves, he had no way of knowing his King was sending him not in goodwill, but as an unwitting spy. Yet within the elf nation he finds true friends, an open society, and deep secrets. As winter encroaches on the capital, an unexpected invitation to a secluded city takes Bertrand on a dark and forbidding trail to feed his curiosity.

Accompanied by Princess Eamane, Bertrand and his companions fall into a trap, treacherous elves setting in motion a scheme to rid Adengard of the humans they deem unworthy. A fine swordsman, Bertrand attempts to stand against the onslaught, but a mere human cannot hope to contend with the speed and agility or the elves. Clutching to the body of a fallen comrade, Bertrand succumbs to his wounds in agony and relief.

Through an innocent sacrifice by Eamane, life is returned to his veins, and together they race back to inform the rulers of the ambush. But such a gift does not come without it's consequences, consequences that could plunge the lands into a darkness unknown. Bewildered and horrified, Bertrand can only follow his most basic instinct - survival. When he returns to his right mind, he is faced with a terrible decision as humans and elves step to the brink of war.

Bertrand must now choose to either defend his right to a borrowed existence, or bring the ruination of the race he once called his people.

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