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A Lesson Learned

One should ALWAYS back up their computer. Especially if you have transfered from a PC to a Mac in the past few months. Forgetting that I was on a Mac, I proceeded to clean up my dock and desktop, thinking that I could do it the way PC does it. Wrong. Just because there are two folders with the same name does not mean you can delete one - that is how I ended up deleting all the work I've been doing.

All the writing I've done, 30,000 words of novel development and scenes, GONE.

I tried everything, but once I had hit that Empty button in Trash, it all disintegrated. I felt like an idiot. So stupid! I cried. I yelled at my husband, even though he of course had nothing to do with it. I yelled at a Geek Squad nerd over the phone, for telling me it would cost thousands to try with no guarantee of recovery. Alas, there was just no way all that work could be recovered.

And then a good friend on Twitter told me to check the Time Machine. However, Time Machine needs a Time Capsule, which I have not. Which I should, since the day I saw Carrie's MacBook crash and Aiden tried to fix it with a PC maneuver. She then had to go down to a computer store and deal with all the trouble of trying to recover her files, and get lectured on backing up her computer. I should have purchased a backup device the same way she did but nooooo. I figured "It's never happened to me, and its not going to!" BTW, the Carrie anecdote is from Sex and The City.

So. I am going to hold off on any serious book work for the meantime. In a little while, I am going to go to Best Buy and buy me a Time Capsule.

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