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Paying It Forward, Part Dos

Eep! Just a few moments ago I find out, on the last blogposts comments, I've been nominated by the awesome Eisley Jacobs for the Superior Scribbler Award! Eep, I say! Eep!

I absolutely adore Eisley, and her blog Eisley's Ellipses. She's got some really intriguing ideas about random and not so random things, even things you wouldn't normally think had the potential for deep thoughts.

And now it's my turn (...again...) to nominate five other blogs for the Superior Scribbler Award!

#Mantecado) http://writerhood.blogspot.com/ has some good quotes and thoughts about writing.

#Amigas) http://brodiashton.blogspot.com/ is a quirky, fun loving gal who says the funniest things about life and writing.

#Hugar) http://aisleycrosse.blogspot.com/ has gorgeous quotes on writing, and follows them with her own thoughts.

#Buena) http://lianabrooks.blogspot.com/ is a smart cookie and a driven novel and playwright.

#Concina) http://ebysswriter.blogspot.com/ for stepping up and putting her foot down when times call for it.

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  1. Sara ♥ says:

    oh fun I love learning about new good blogs :-)

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