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Write Goals Work - For Me, At Least

A while ago I hit a slow time in my writing, the words not coming. I hold myself accountable on Twitter with #writegoals, specific word counts I aim for each day. Because I'm trying to finish the rewrite of my current WIP by October 31st in order to begin NaNoWriMo fresh with the sequel to this story, my goals  are pretty high. I guesstimate this book, an epic YA fantasy to reach about 80k total. With about a week of low word counts, I'm now need to get at least 3.5k words a day for the next 15 days in order to finish by my self imposed deadline.

During the lag, many Twitter friends suggested I release myself of my seemingly daunting ambitions, worrying I'll wear myself out and quit writing all together. It was true, I did need at least a few hours break, but I'm stubborn. To be told to take it easy doesn't make it easy for me. Being told to lower my expectations of myself actually pushes me to prove to everyone - including myself - that I CAN write 2 novels in 2 months. A few hours rest, higher dose of ADHD meds, and now I'm flowing again, the story ready at my fingertips, my muse cheering me on.

A few people denounced the practice of setting these types of goals, which rankled me. To dismiss a tool many others use so offhandedly is... a lack of understanding. Goals of specific word counts, scenes, chapters, what have you may work for some. For others, goals of any kind shut out the muse, and thats okay, as long as you write, and you love it.

But goals WORK for me. I deal well with challenges on time management, I love the rush to finish, and to finish well. To me, a goal means a triumph, one that leads to a higher goal, and a missed goal simply makes me work harder the next day.

My daily #writegoal of 3.5k leads to bigger goals, of finishing this book, querying, and so on. My simple word count goal for writing leads to a goal in life, to someday get published. Whether I do with this manuscript doesn't matter, because it means I've developed my craft, another goal.

I refuse to abandon my simple goals. Lower them, maybe, but never abandon. For if I do, then how can I know I'm making progress to my bigger ones?

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  1. Sara ♥ says:

    3.5k a day for 15 days... sounds so challening! BUT, do you want a partner? I'D like to do the same thing! (I'm saramcclung on twitter).

    I recently hopped onto another person's goal - made a team thing out of it and it helped even more :) (10k by Sunday with georgia_mcbride)

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