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This button is only for emergencies.

Its October the 20th, and this means I only have ***12*** days left.

Really, I shouldn't even be writing this blog. But I will for YOU, because you have NEEDS.

I still need roughly 40K, so that puts me under 3.5K a day until October 31st, but I really need/ want to finish with a day or two to spare. I really want to be able to spend some time fully figuring out what the heck I'm gonna do with the nanowrimo plot.

See, I've stupidly come up with a more complicated style and plot than the one I'm currently working on. I'm going slow here, I think, because I've been at this WIP for quite a while, and I wish I could let it alone for awhile and come back to it when its time to edit and revise. Problem is, I won't have much to edit and revise if I don't actually finish the damn thing. So words must be written, many many more words.

But there is GOOD NEWS. Dr Wicked has announced on Twitter he's been building a Write or Die download on Adobe AIR, which means it'll be compatible with MAC, Windows, and LINUX!


But I still need to get 40K words in less than 12 days.

I think its time to push the panic button.


  1. but I like the pretty button.

  2. Yikes. 40k in 12 days? I got 40k...in 4 years.

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