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Delicious Things That Are Unique

Many people don't realize that there are several different dialects of Spanish. I've always known this because my parents are from different hispanic cultures. My mother is from Puerto Rico, a territory of the United States, and my father is Mexican. By and large, the language is the same, but there are some words thats differ.

Like empanadas. In Puerto Rico, they are thinly pounded steaks breaded and pan fried, served with rice and beans, no gravy. In Mexico, they are meat or fruit pastries. In Puerto Rico, those pastries are called pastellios.

I absolutely love both kinds of empanadas. In fact, I love both Mexican and Puerto Rican food. But I especially enjoy going to Puerto Rico, because I still have family there. Its awesome going around with them - they know all the tourist places, and all the hidden gems. In Puerto Rico, they sell produce from the median on all the major rules. We even used to buy pizzas from them! And tourists - here's a little informational nugget for you: Vendors who know you are a tourist and can tell you can't speak or understand spanish will charge you more for the things you buy. Trust me, because my mother would tell my sister and I to not speak because when we got older, we forgot our spanish, and she didn't want the prices raised. So, if you go to Puerto Rico (or anywhere with a different language from yours) learn the basics of the language so you don't get ripped off.

Also, I just got some Maltas!!!! Looove me some maltas! Its a non-alcoholic malt beverage with very little carbonation. Its delish! I grew up with them, so I love them, but my husband and my father don't care for them - I guess its something you have to grow up with, something to get used to. Oh well. More for me!


  1. Mimi says:

    Hey, they don't sell the produce on the street median!!! Don't you remember? They sell it from street trucks. Like the ice cream trucks. The sell the pizza from the curb, and the meats at the median.


    Love you.

  2. Huh. Its been so long, I must have forgotten. I haven't been since you and I went last time.

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