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The Excitement of a Good Book

I love love LOVE to read. Its actually quite bad. I can read a book with 700 pages in a day if its good enough to keep my interest, if it keeps the suspense, action, drama, or mystery going with little downtime describing the scenery in minute and unnecessary detail, or waxing eloquently about love or attraction. Don't get me wrong, its important for every book to have some sort of romantic angle to keep it balanced, but I'm not all about gooeyness, making out, or hot and steamy sex (unless thats what I'm specifically looking for).

My favorite type of book to read is Science Fiction Fantasy in the Young Adult Section. Old enough to understand the varying types of love, but young enough not to be too sexual, unless the book is geared to bring awareness to some topic within that theme. Of course, I do venture out into other types, for some well roundedness, but most of the books I have purchased over the years are within the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre, and mainly in the teen section.

I know, I know, why teens when you're 22 years old, married, blah blah blah? Because its just so good! Even in the most heavy, diffficult situations, the story feels light, like I'm not going to fall asleep from the weighty subjects these books can set forth. Everything still looks simple, terrible choices are not considered, and as odd as it may sound, younger people, by and large, always have a hopeful hopelessness. By that I mean that though everything seems like its falling apart and the protagonist has fallen at the feet of the antagonist, you can't help knowing that everything will get better, and you know that the protagonist knows it too, but just hasn't gotten to that moment of enlightenment and fullfilment.

I just recently finished the first book in a long time that has kept me flipping each page fevershly, has made me yell out in realization, surprise, excitement, and horror. That book is "Eon: Dragoneye Reborn" by Alison Goodman. Some may be deterred by the difference from most every book in that Section, but its a good difference, I promise, making it stand out every time I went into Borders to buy books. Its a story based on the Chinese Zodiac, and from there all the characters, plot, climax, twists and turns flow. I loved the fresh look at such an ancient civilization, seen through the eyes of a 16 year old girl pretending to be a 12 year old boy. Because of the unique baseline of the book, and the different way that Dragons are seen and employed, I, for the most part, could not see what was coming, so therefore I had to find out, and so I kept reading. I have not loved the telling of a story so much in a long time. I simply CANNOT wait for the sequel to come out. Don't fear: its only a 2 part series.

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