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Mean Nachos

Stupid Nachos. Instead of getting them at, oh, I don't know, Taco Cabana, I decide to make them at home. NOT SMART!!! The cheese didn't melt right, the chips were too salty, I didn't season the meat well enough, the sour cream was a bit too sour, and now my tummy hurts. *pouts*

Never again am I making my own nachos, I'll leave that to the professionals. I can make empanadas, chicken, steak fajitas, rice, enchiladas, practically everything BUT nachos. Grrr. I feel so gross! And worse, now my brain is all mushy. I can't think straight. Therefore I can't work on my novel without having to rewrite every sentence five times just to make it coherent. Do you know how many times I've rewrote this whole blog? Eh, worth it.

I'm gonna go on a jog once my tummy settles. That should make me feel better.

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