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Mindless Wanderings of My Brain

So today I went to an interview at my local bookstore. I've wanted to work there since I was 16, but they only hired 18+, and then I just got a life and worked elsewhere. Well, now I just had to become an adult, lost that life, and now I need a job to keep me from getting über bored and shaving my head a lá the Spears. I'm so excited! I really love books (der) and would love to have the opportunity to be surrounded by them constantly. *sigh* I need to learn how to read by osmosis.

I've decided that its high time I work on my novel again. I haven't done anything with it for almost a week, and I'm pissed at myself. This book is destined for greatness, if I could just write it! Right now I'm blogging to exercise my brain and hands so that I can write my next scene feeling mentally limber.

I can't wait for the new iPhone OS 3.0 to come out. I know, I know, it comes out tomorrow. But still! I'm really annoyed that I got my iPhone 3 months before Apple released
the iPhone 3Gs. I mean, how jank is that? I even asked them if a new phone was coming out, and they said no. Grrr. Oh well. Its a good new version, but mine works just fine - the only thing I wanted out of the new one was the video, and I can wait for that, cuz dude, I am NOT paying full price for a new iPhone when I have a perfectly good one now.

Another thing I can't wait for? For the fall, so that I can go back to school. What?! School?! Yep, I love school. I'm the kid that ruins the grading curve and always asks questions when you're trying to sleep. Yay! I'm trying to get my hubs to let me buy an all new wardrobe, but he's not budging - my paychecks will go to that, never fear.

Huh. I am seriously craving nachos now. Hmmm.


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