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New Contest from Traveling To Teens!

I love receiving emails from Traveling To Teens about new contests. Their newest one is for Prophesy of the Sisters, a great looking book by Michelle Zink, an amazing writer I follow on Twitter.


“Have you been waiting long?”

I shake my head. “Waiting is made easy in a place like this. A place that reminds me of you while I wait.”

He tips his head, taking a finger and tracing my face from the loose curls at my temple, down the angular jut of my cheekbone, across the curve of my jaw.

“Everything reminds me of you…”

Twin sisters Lia and Alice Milthorpe have just become orphans. They have also become enemies. As they discover their roles in a prophecy that has turned generations of sisters against each other, the girls find themselves entangled in a mystery that involves a tattoo-like mark, their parents’ deaths, a boy, a book, and a lifetime of secrets.

Lia and Alice don’t know whom they can trust.

They just know they can’t trust each other.

O. M. G. I am so looking forward to this book! I myself am a twin, so it'll be interesting to see if the twin dynamic in the book is similar, or if its strong enough to last or what!

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