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The Words Call To Me: I Must Answer

As you may know, on Monday I finished the pre first draft of my WIP, written in longhand after my MacBook had to go to Apple for some repairs at the end of June. I had still had the story swirling in my mind, so I grabbed my journal and started writing. It had taken me 5 or 6 tries over 3 months to get a beginning that would work well enough once revisions were made, but when I changed to longhanding, I was able to finish the whole WIP in exactly 29 days.

I had an awesome Twitter party with all my friends from #amwriting, and then I took a well deserved break from putting my nose to the grinder - or rather, my hand through the wringer. Quite a few days ended with cramped hands. I read the awesomely fabulous debut novel by Michelle Zink, Prophecy of the Sisters, and reviewed it on my Shelfari. But then... I kept thinking about my WIP. How I needed to see whether the beginning meshed with the end, if I could jump forward just a bit more to make the story really start. I knew my main character needed work - he's too even right now, taking things too well in stride.
I couldn't stop thinking about it, even as I immersed myself in a wonderful book. So I bowed to my Muses desires, and have begun transcribing my work. And I was right, I can revise the beginning to move the story along. Also, my writing was terrible when I started out, so I'm fixing that as I go. I'm really excited to be getting back at it, even as I was looking forward to a week off. This story has taken over my life, which is how I like it. I don't have a day job because my husband works extremely crazy hours, earns more than enough, and wants me to concentrate on something I truly enjoy. I PROMISE, I will take a break after I get the first draft typed out.

For now, though, this baby needs to move into my computer, the journals locked in my safe (yes I have one, and it is AWESOME). Maybe then I won't be so tempted to take a look at it between drafts. Alas, my Muse calls. Happy writing everyone!


  1. That's awesome Bella, congratulations!!!!!

  2. Um, thanks but my name is Brittany, not Bella.


  3. Haha, I know. Sorry, I have a tendency to call people bella... for some reason. I think I picked it up at work.

  4. Gotcha! Bella as in pretty, not as in twilight. Just lie to me if it is in reference to twilight, lol


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