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Pre First Draft of WIP Done - At A Loss

This evening, at about 10:13 pm, I finished my first ever full draft of a WIP.

I'm super excited about this, but it was a big surprise when I got to the end. For three days I'd been **thisclose** to finishing, but it wouldn't find the end. And then today my muse shifted into high gear. I don't normally get a cramped hand when I write, but today it was INTENSE. And then, all of a sudden, BAM. I stared at the page, thinking I'd hit a block, but then I actually looked at the last sentence.
And it was the perfect ending.

I sat there for a second, not sure what to do with myself. I'd been writing nonstop for a whole month, morning and evening. It was my entire life, because I don't work. I'd asked everyone if I should take a break or go straight to transcribing, and I will be taking that break. But it was just... wow. I was actually done.

I'm going to enjoy my time reading the new YA books out - of course, SO MANY books are coming out! I still need to get Catching Fire, The Lost Symbol, Splendor, Fire, As You Wish... so many! I still have 15 books on my to be read shelf. I'm reveling in the break, but I won't let it last too long. I have to do a lot of research, then get into transcribing, revising and editing. A few days.... I should be able to get about 2 or 3 books done a day. I read really fast, and I'm still able to fully enjoy every story. I've had a LOT of practice - read Harry Potter 7 in 18 hours.

So dance with me as I celebrate the finish of my pre first draft of my first full length novel!


  1. robsad79 says:

    Congrats. I need your motivation. I'm working on my first draft, but it's taking me awhile. Congrats again. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congrats dear =D

  3. That's awesome, such an amazing feeling! Congratulations!

  4. Deb says:

    Congrats! That is fantastic! I am envious! I broke the 400 page mark recently, but I still have another 40% more to write. (That's what I get for choosing an epic)

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